National Recovery and Resilience Plan

The Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (MRR) is the largest financial instrument created by the European Union outside the multiannual financial framework, meant to provide financial support to Member States to ensure a rapid economic recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The regulation was approved at European level on February 12, 2021. This mechanism is based only on the results obtained at the end of the implementation period. Thus, the Member States establish within their national recovery and resilience plans the reforms and investments that they will make by the end of 2026. NPRR is built on 6 main pillars of intervention and includes interventions in:

Pillar I. Green transition

  • National water management system: running water, sewerage, irrigation, dewatering and hail
  • We afforest Romania and protect biodiversity
  • Waste management, selective collection and circular economy
  • Sustainable transport
  • The wave of renovation
  • Energy

Pillar II. Digital transformation

  • Government cloud and digital public systems

Pillar III. Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

  • Fiscal reforms and pension system reform
  • Support for the private sector, RDI

Pillar IV. Social and territorial cohesion

  • Local fund for green and digital transition
  • Tourism and culture

Pillar V. Health and economic, social and institutional resilience

  • Health
  • Social reforms
  • Public sector reform, increasing the efficiency of justice and strengthening the capacity of the social partners

Pillar VI. Policies for the next generation children and young people

  • Educated Romania